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Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (3rd Edition)

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Refrigeration and its application is met in almost every branch of industry, so that practitioners in other fields find that they have to become aware of its principles, uses and limitations. This book aims to introduce students and professionals in other disciplines to the fundamentals of the subject, without involving the reader too deeply in theory. The subject matter is laid out in logical order and covers the main uses and types of equipment. In the ten years since the last edition there have been major changes in the choice of refrigerants due to environmental factors and an additional chapter is introduced to reflect this. This issue is on-going and new developments will appear over the next ten years. This issue has also affected servicing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and there is an increased pressure to improve efficiency in the reduction of energy use. This edition reflects these issues, whilst maintaining links with the past for users of existing plant and systems. There have also been changes in packaged air-conditioning equipment and this has been introduced to the relevant sections. The book gives worked examples of many practical applications and shows options that are available for the solution of problems in mechanical cooling systems. It is not possible for these pages to contain enough information to design a complete refrigeration system. The design principles are outlined. Finally, the author wishes to acknowledge help and guidance from colleagues in the industry, in particular to Bitzer for the information on new refrigerants.

1. Fundamentals
2. The refrigeration cycle
3. Refrigerants
4. Compressors
5. Oil in refrigerant circuits
6. Condensers and water towers
7. Evaporators
8. Expansion valves
9. Controls and other circuit components
10. Selection and balancing of components
11. Materials. Construction. Site erection
12. Liquid chillers. Ice. Brines. Thermal storage
13. Packaged units
14. Refrigeration of foods. Cold storage practice
15. Cold store construction
16. Refrigeration in the food trades – meats and fish
17. Refrigeration for the dairy, brewing and soft drinks industries
18. Refrigeration for fruit, vegetables and other foods
19. Food freezing. Freeze-drying
20. Refrigerated transport, handling and distribution
21. Refrigeration load estimation
22. Industrial uses of refrigeration
23. Air and water vapour mixtures
24. Air treatment cycles
25. Practical air treatment cycles
26. Air-conditioning load estimation
27. Air movement
28. Air-conditioning methods
29. Dehumidifiers and air drying
30. Heat pumps. Heat recovery
31. Control systems
32. Commissioning
33. Operation. Maintenance. Service. Fault-finding. Training
34. Efficiency and economy in operation
35. Catalogue selection
Appendix Units of measurement

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"A. R. Trott"

"T. Welch"

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