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String Theory For Dummies (Free PDF)

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In this book, I aim to give a clear understanding of the ever-evolving scientific subfield known as string theory. The media is abuzz with talk about this “theory of everything,” and when you’re done with this book you should know what they’re talking about (probably better than they do, most of the time).

In writing this book, I’ve attempted to serve several masters. First and foremost among them has been scientific accuracy, followed closely by entertainment value. Along the way, I’ve also done my best to use language that you can understand no matter your scientific background, and I’ve certainly tried to keep any mathematics to a minimum.

Part I: Introducing String Theory
Chapter 1: So What Is String Theory Anyway?
Chapter 2: The Physics Road Dead Ends at Quantum Gravity
Chapter 3: Accomplishments and Failures of String Theory
Part II: The Physics Upon Which String Theory Is Built
Chapter 4: Putting String Theory in Context: Understanding the Method of Science
Chapter 5: What You Must Know about Classical Physics
Chapter 6: Revolutionizing Space and Time: Einstein’s Relativity
Chapter 7: Brushing Up on Quantum Theory Basics
Chapter 8: The Standard Model of Particle Physics
Chapter 9: Physics in Space: Considering Cosmology and Astrophysic
Part III: Building String Theory: A Theory of Everything
Chapter 10: Early Strings and Superstrings: Unearthing the Theory’s Beginnings
Chapter 11: M-Theory and Beyond: Bringing String Theory Together
Chapter 12: Putting String Theory to the Test
Part IV: The Unseen Cosmos: String Theory On the Boundaries of Knowledge
Chapter 13: Making Space for Extra Dimensions
Chapter 14: Our Universe — String Theory, Cosmology, and Astrophysics
Chapter 15: Parallel Universes: Maybe You Can Be Two Places at Once
Chapter 16: Have Time, Will Travel
Part V: What the Other Guys Say: Criticisms and Alternatives
Chapter 17: Taking a Closer Look at the String Theory Controversy
Chapter 18: Loop Quantum Gravity: String Theory’s Biggest Competitor
Chapter 19: Considering Other Ways to Explain the Universe
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Ten Questions a Theory of Everything Should (Ideally) Answer
Chapter 21: Ten Notable String Theorists

Author Details
"Andrew Zimmerman Jones"
"Daniel Robbins"

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