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Sustainability and National Security (Free PDF)

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This book explores the sustainability concept at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. At the strategic level the book explores the importance of focusing international and national priorities on identifying and preserving the resource base necessary to maintain security and stability and discusses the importance of proactively mitigating threats to these resources. At the operational level it examines the great savings that can be achieved by applying sustainable principles and practices throughout military installations, systems, and operations; Operational Energy is a fine example. At the tactical level sustainability is reducing risks to military war fighters by reducing the logistic burden of transporting fuel and water to the tip of the fighting spear, and by minimizing the overall logistics footprint at base camps. In the field, the military is additionally a catalyst for the enhancement of sustainable communities through its application of green technologies and human capacity building.

1. Sustainability and National Security
2. Sustainability: A Lens for National Security
3. The Department of Defense offers a Strong Offense for Promoting Sustainability
4. Sustainable Security and Fragile States
5. Sustainability and Environmental Security
6. Building Resiliency into the National Military Strategy
7. The Consequential Challenges of Climate Change
8. Sustainability and States: Climate Change and Sovereignty
9. Pursuing the Delta: Maximizing Opportunities to Integrate Sustainability in the Funding Process
10. U.S. Nuclear Energy: National Security and Sustainability
11. Sustainability National Security Military Lands Management: The Ecological Foundation of Sustainability
12. Promoting a Sustainability Ethic in Future Army Leaders at West Point
13. Army National Guard Launches Sustainability Initiatives
14. Building Green
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