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The Complete Do-It-Yourself SEO Guide (Free PDF)

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With over twenty thousand online pre-orders, this is the SEO book the industry waits for every year! With over seven million copies sold since 2001, Sean Odom is the industry expert you can count on to deliver what you need to know to succeed in your website marketing in 2016. With new and updated coverage of Google Webmaster Tools, the Data Highlighter Tools, and specific algorithm changes you need to know to succeed including the all new RankBrain AI! Businesses pay big money to have Sean Odom and his team handle their SEO every year and he places all of his secrets in this book every year! It has become the trusted blue print of how to succeed in SEO whether you use, WordPress, Joomla, HTML4/5 or any other website design platform you need this book. Trust no other SEO provider or book to your businesses success or you may be sorry.

About the author – Sean Odom
Where SEO Began
What’s New In 2016
Chapter 1 – SEO
Chapter 2 – Keywords
Chapter 3  What do I need to do first for SEO?
Chapter 4 – SEO and Website Structure
Chapter 5 – Off-Page SEO
Chapter 6 – Google Analytics
Chapter 7 – Social Media
Chapter 8 – SEO Goals
Chapter 9 – Black Hat Tactics
Chapter 10 – Website Marketing Principles
Chapter 11 – Targeting More Than One Keyword
Chapter 12 – When You Need Professional SEO Services
Chapter 13 – Educating Your IT Department or Website Developer
Appendix A – SEO Checklist for New Non-Ranking Sites
Appendix B – SEO Resources
Appendix C – Panda vs. Penguin
Appendix D – Click Fraud Click Fraud

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"Sean Odom"

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