Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Original Beauty Bible (3rd Edition)

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The intent of this book is to present the author’s research, ideas, and perceptions regarding skin care, makeup, cosmetic surgical procedures, and the marketing, selling, and use of cosmetics and skin-care products. The author’s sole purpose is to provide consumers with information and advice regarding skin care, the purchase of beauty products, and cosmetic procedures. The recommendations presented are strictly those of the author, reflecting the author’s opinions about the subjects and the products described. Some women may find success with a skin-care routine or product that is not mentioned herein. It is everyone’s inalienable right to choose and to judge products and procedures on the basis of their own criteria, research, and standards, and to disagree with the author. More important, because everyone’s skin can react differently to external stimuli, any product can cause a negative reaction. If you develop sensitivity to a skin-care product or cosmetic, stop using it immediately and consult your physician. If you need medical advice regarding your skin or the various cosmetic procedures available, it is best to consult a dermatologist, board-certified plastic surgeon, or your own medical practitioner.

Chapter One: The Beauty Industry: Universally Crazy
Chapter Two: Understanding The Hype
Chapter Three: Frauds & Fears
Chapter Four: Organic Cosmetics Do “Natural” One Better
Chapter Five: Skin Type?
Chapter Six: Skin’s Enemy: Irritation and Inflammation
Chapter Seven: Sun Sense and Sensibility
Chapter Eight: Skin Care & Moisturizers
Chapter Nine: Every Skin Type Can Benefit from Exfoliating
Chapter Ten: Skin-Care Planning: Going Over the Basics
Chapter Eleven: Solutions for Wrinkles
Chapter Twelve: Solutions for Perimenopause & Menopause
Chapter Thirteen: Solutions for Skin Lightening
Chapter Fourteen: Solutions for Dry Skin
Chapter Fifteen: Solutions for Acne
Chapter Sixteen: Solutions for Blackheads
Chapter Seventeen: Solutions for Rosacea
Chapter Eighteen: Solutions for Psoriasis
Chapter Nineteen: Solutions for Seborrhea and Eczema
Chapter Twenty: Solutions for Cellulite
Chapter Twenty One: Solutions for Wounds, Scars, or Stretch Marks
Chapter Twenty Two: Solutions for Allergy-Prone Skin
Chapter Twenty Three: Should You Get a Facial?
Chapter Twenty Four: Hair Removal
Chapter Twenty Five: Growing Hair
Chapter Twenty Six: Medical Cosmetic Corrective Procedures
Chapter Twenty Seven: Body & Nail Care
Chapter Twenty Eight: Problems? Solutions!
Chapter Twenty Nine: Making Sense of Makeup
Chapter Thirty: Animal Rights

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