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Thermal Power Plant Chemistry (Free PDF)

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Water is our most abundant raw material and in its natural state, one of the purest. All th same for many industrial uses thee available water is still not pure enough and therefore some impurity or the other has to be treated or removed in order to make it fit for use varied impurities such as suspended colloidal, organic, and also hardness due to calcium, magnesium salts etc, are common requiring treatment.

Also water has some most unusual properties when compacted with other fluids. engineers are familiar with its latent heat, which means that a kg of steam carries more energy than any other vapourised liquid. it main interest to engineers/chemists lies in its excellent properties as a solvent, and the fact that it is a powerful 'polar solvent',which means that the industrialist's point of view is its cheapness and its utmost usability. Therefore water and steam are distinct resources par excellence, inaddition to coal in running thermal power plants.

Chapter 1: Water Treatment
Chapter 2: Corrosion
Chapter 3: Internal Corrosion
Chapter 4: Chemical Control of Water and Steam
Chapter 5: Chemical Cleaning
Chapter 6: Stator Cooling Water
Chapter 7: Cooling Water
Chapter 8: Preservation of steam and Water Circuit During Idle Time
Chapter 9: Coal For Thermal Power Station
Chapter 10: Combustion
Chapter 11: Oils
Chapter 12: Corrosion and Deposits Fire Side
Chapter 13: Chemical and Safety

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