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Traffic Engineering (4th Edition)

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This text focuses on the key engineering skills required to practice traffic engineering in a modern setting. This is the fourth edition of this textbook. It includes material on the latest standards and criteria of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (2003 Edition and forthcoming 2010 Edition), the Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (2004 Edition), the Highway Capacity Manual (2000 Edition and forthcoming 201 0 Edition), and other critical references. It also presents both fundamental theory and a broad range of applications to modern problems.

1. Introduction to Traffic Engineering
Part 1: Traffic Components and Characteristics
2. Road User and Vehicle Characteristics
3. Roadways and Their Geometric Characteristics
4. Introduction to Traffic Control Devices
5. Traffic Stream Characteristics
6. Introduction to Traffic Flow Theory
Part 2: Traffic Studies and Programs
7. Statistical Applications in Traffic Engineering
8. Traffic Data Collection and Reduction Methodologies
9. Volume Studies and Characteristics
10. Speed, Travel Time, and Delay Studies
11. Highway Traffic Safety: Studies, Statistics, and Programs
12. Parking
Part 3: Freeways and Rural Highways
13. Fundamental Concepts for Uninterrupted Flow Facilities
14. Basic Freeway Segments and Multilane Highways
15. Weaving, Merging, and Diverging Movements on Freeways and Multilane Highways
16. Two-Lane Highways
17. Signing and Marking for Freeways and Rural Highways
Part 4: The Intersection
18. The Hierarchy ofIntersection Control
19. Elements ofIntersection Design and Layout
20. Basic Principles ofIntersection Signalization
21. Fundamentals of Signal Timing and Design: Pretimed Signals
22. Fundamentals of Signal Timing: Actuated Signals
23. Critical Movement Analysis ofSignalized Intersections
24. Analysis of Signalized Intersections
25. Intelligent Transportation Systems in Support ofTraffic Management and Control
26. Signal Coordination fot Arterials and Networks: Undersaturated Conditions
27. Signal Coordination for Arterials and Networks: Oversaturated Conditions
28. Analysis ofStreets in a Multimodal Context
29. Planning, Design, and Operation of Streets and Arterials
30. Traffic Impact Analysis

Author Details
"Roger P. Roess", Ph.D. Professor of Transportation Engineering Polytechnic Institute ofNew York University

"Elena S. Prassas", Ph.D. Associate Professor ofTransportation Engineering Polytechnic Institute ofNew York University

"William R. McShane", Ph.D., P.E., P.T.O.E. President, KLD Engineering, P. C. Professor Emeritus Polytechnic Institute ofNew York University

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