Monday, July 22, 2019

vtiger CRM Beginner's Guide (Free PDF)

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Tap into the power of the free and open source software package, vtiger CRM—the popular alternative to commercial CRM tools. This powerful tool has enjoyed worldwide success and is being utilized by small and large organizations alike. You, too, can add real, modern CRM (customer relationship management) to your business model, and enjoy the growth that comes with it.

Chapter 1: Hello Kitty—What is vtiger CRM?
Chapter 2: Unleashing the Beast—Installing vtiger
Chapter 3: And the Claws Come Out—Getting Started with vtiger
Chapter 4: Leashing the Beast—Using vtiger
Chapter 5: House Training your Secret Weapon—vtiger CRM and your Business
Chapter 6: Business Processes―They're G-r-r-r-reat!
Chapter 7: Super Tiger―Using vtiger Extensions
Chapter 8: Facing the Tiger—vtiger Theming
Chapter 9: Kitty, Play Nice!—Integrating vtiger
Chapter 10: From Cub to King—Growing with vtiger
Appendix A: King of the Jungle—The Key to CRM Success
Appendix B: Pop Quiz Answers

Author Details
"Ian D. Rossi" is an Internet business entrepreneur and passionate volunteer. His company, aimtheory, provides practical, on-target solutions to businesses utilizing the best in open source software.

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