Tuesday, July 30, 2019

WildFly Cookbook (Free PDF)

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Java has been around for years, and if you count them all, you should get the number—20-plus years. This does not mean that Java is obsolete or dead; rather, Java is more than lively, and the new Java 8 language specification is the proof.

Because Java is not dead, WildFly wants to give you more power than ever. Thanks to its small memory footprint, WildFly can run in your pocket using the Raspberry Pi, it can be spread on Linux containers using Docker (the basis of microservice architectures), or it can hit the cloud using the OpenShift Online platform.

Furthermore, WildFly's new, modular nature lets you customize its system as needed. You can extend WildFly by providing your own extensions and subsystems.

WildFly's modular class loading gives you fine-grained control over the libraries and Java classes an application requires to load, which allows you to have the proper traction to use WildFly in your continuous integration and continuous delivery practices.

Moreover, WildFly provides a set of management APIs that can be used to manage the overall platform. You can interact with WildFly through the command-line interface (CLI), which is a powerful tool to manage the whole system. If you feel more comfortable with a UI, you can rely on the well-designed Web Console.

Chapter 1: Welcome to WildFly!
Chapter 2: Running WildFly in Standalone Mode
Chapter 3: Running WildFly in Domain Mode
Chapter 4: Managing the Logging Subsystem with the CLI
Chapter 5: Managing the Datasource Subsystems with the CLI
Chapter 6: Clustering WildFly
Chapter 7: Load Balancing WildFly
Chapter 8: Commanding the CLI
Chapter 9: Conquering the CLI
Chapter 10: Hardening the WildFly Communication
Chapter 11: Hardening the WildFly Configuration
Chapter 12: Role-based Access Control with WildFly
Chapter 13: Messaging with WildFly
Chapter 14: WildFly into the Cloud with OpenShift
Chapter 15: Using WildFly with Docker

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"Luigi Fugaro"

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