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WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization (Free PDF)

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WordPress is a powerful and effective open source web publishing platform that enables anyone, regardless of computer skills, to create and maintain a world-class website. Millions of people worldwide have adopted WordPress, and its popularity continues to increase. In February of 2011, WordPress.org reported over 32.5 million downloads of WordPress version 3.0. When you combine all the WordPress users that haven't yet upgraded, it's obvious that WordPress is firmly established as one of the most popular web publishing platforms.

Its popularity is well-deserved. WordPress is easy to use, fun, efficient, and as we will learn in this book, creates search engine-friendly websites.

This book offers a practical, hands-on approach to installing, building, and optimizing a WordPress blog or website in a way that search engines will love.

We'll unlock the hidden and not-so-hidden elements that search engines look for when they return search results for their visitors. We'll also look at a wide range of new ways to market your website or blog through secondary channels such as video sites and social media. And, we'll learn that WordPress is particularly well suited for extension into these other channels.

Chapter 1: Getting Started: SEO Basics
Chapter 2: Customizing WordPress Settings for SEO
Chapter 3: Researching and Working with Keywords
Chapter 4: Understanding Technical Optimization
Chapter 5: Creating Optimized and Engaging Content
Chapter 6: Link Building
Chapter 7: Using Social Media
Chapter 8: Avoiding the Black Hat Techniques
Chapter 9: Avoiding SEO Mistakes
Chapter 10: Testing Your Site and Monitoring Your Progress
Appendix A: WordPress SEO Plugins
Appendix B: Other SEO Resources

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