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WordPress Web Application Development (Free PDF)

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Developing WordPress-powered websites is one of the standout trends in the modern web development world. The flexibility and power of the built-in features offered by WordPress has made developers turn their attention to the possibility of using it as a web development framework. This book will act as a comprehensive resource for building web applications with this amazing framework.

WordPress Web Application Development is a comprehensive guide focused on incorporating the existing features of WordPress into typical web development. This book is structured towards building a complete web application from scratch. With this book, you will build a portfolio management application with a modularized structure supported by the latest trending technologies.

This book provides a comprehensive, practical, and example-based approach for pushing the limits of WordPress to create web applications beyond your imagination.

It begins by exploring the role of existing WordPress components and discussing the reasons for choosing WordPress for web application development. As we proceed, more focus will be put into adapting WordPress features into web applications with the help of an informal use-case-based model for discussing the most prominent built-in features. While striving for web development with WordPress, you will also learn about the integration of popular client-side technologies such as Backbone.js, Underscore, jQuery, and server-side technologies and techniques such as template engines and OpenAuth integration.

Chapter 1: WordPress As a Web Application Framework
Chapter 2: Implementing Membership Roles, Permissions, and Features
Chapter 3: Planning and Customizing the Core Database
Chapter 4: The Building Blocks of Web Applications
Chapter 5: Developing Pluggable Modules
Chapter 6: Customizing the Dashboard for Powerful Backends
Chapter 7: Adjusting Themes for Amazing Frontends
Chapter 8: Enhancing the Power of Open Source Libraries and Plugins
Chapter 9: Listening to Third-party Applications
Chapter 10: Integrating and Finalizing the Portfolio Management Application
Appendix: Configurations, Tools, and Resources

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"Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake"

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