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Working with MediaWiki (Free PDF)

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Working with MediaWiki was first published in November 2012, and it’s a testament to the hard work of the developers of MediaWiki and its extensions that so much of the content has needed updating by now, less than a year and a half later. There are new extensions, new settings, features that have been rendered obsolete, etc. Of special note is the VisualEditor extension, which, though it’s still not ready for widespread use, has already been put to use across much of Wikipedia. The use of the Bootstrap framework, and the concept of responsive web design in in general, have also gained considerable interest since the book originally came out. For that reason, I decided to create a new “printing” for the book. Really it’s a 2nd version, since this book is only printed – and sent out electronically – one copy at a time. (Perhaps one day the standard nomenclature for books, especially how-to books, will start to resemble that of software, with major and minor version numbers, but for now people still usually talk about printings.)

This printing contains significant changes and updates: around 25% of the pages have had at least one modification. That includes expanded sections on VisualEditor, Bootstrap and some other features, removal of obsolete content, new and updated images, and various corrections and wording improvements. And the extensions Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Forms and Semantic Drilldown, among others, have undergone significant changes since the book first came out; this version reflects that.

1. About MediaWiki
2. Setting up MediaWiki
3. Editing in MediaWiki
4. MediaWiki syntax
5. Content organization
6. Communication
7. Images and files
8. User registration and management
9. Browsing and searching
10. Monitoring the wiki
11. Extensions
12. Extended MediaWiki syntax
13. Display and customization
14. Protecting content
15. MediaWiki administration
16. Semantic MediaWiki
17. Semantic Forms
18. Displaying data
19. Additional Semantic MediaWiki functionality
20. External data and applications
21. Importing and exporting
22. Running a successful wiki
23. MediaWiki development: a guide for the accidental developer

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"Yaron Koren"

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