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YouTube Channels For Dummies (Free PDF)

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In some ways, reading a book to find out all about YouTube channels seems a bit odd. Isn’t YouTube the place that specializes in videos designed to teach you about any topic on earth? Why not just stick with the YouTube videos that are all about YouTube?

First off, it’s a bit self‐referential and incestuous to get all your information about YouTube channels from YouTube videos. Second, that video purporting to tell you how to strike it rich on YouTube may have been shot and edited by the neighbor kid down the street who has never made a dime from YouTube and who may never move out of Mom and Dad’s basement. In other words, just as you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet, you shouldn’t believe everything you see on YouTube. Sometimes it pays to listen to the true experts (like us) who have a track record in advising folks how to put their best foot forward on YouTube.

We also know that there are only so many hours in a day and that everyone’s schedules seem to be getting more and more hectic each day. That’s why we’ve written a book that doesn’t beat around the bush — in other words, it gets straight to the point so that you can get in and get out with the information you need. In that sense, YouTube Channels For Dummies is the exact opposite of all those wordy instructional manuals that spell out a hundred ways to do something but never get around to telling you the best way. No matter if you’re looking to set up a channel, create an effective header, or figure out ways to maximize your monetization potential, we show you the quickest, most effective way to get the job done.

Part I: Getting Started With YouTube Channels
Chapter 1: Making a Home on YouTube
Chapter 2: The Basics of YouTube
Chapter 3: Building Your Channel from the Ground Up
Part II: Making Good Videos and Not Making Bad Videos
Chapter 4: What Makes a Good Video a Good Video?
Chapter 5: Making Plans Both Large and Small
Chapter 6: Acquiring the Tools of the Trade
Chapter 7: Putting It All Together to Capture Some Video
Chapter 8: Fixing It in Post: The Edit
Chapter 9: Preparing for Upload Day
Part III: Growing and Knowing Your Audience
Chapter 10: Building Your Audience
Chapter 11: Knowing Your Audience
Part IV: YouTube Channels Are Serious Business
Chapter 12: How and Why Businesses Use YouTube
Chapter 13: Expanding Your Audience through YouTube Advertising
Chapter 14: Mining the YouTube Goldmine
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 15: Ten Key Steps to Improving YouTube Search Results
Chapter 16: Ten Things to Know About Copyright

Author Details
"Rob Ciampa"

"Theresa Moore"

"John Carucci"

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