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Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials (Free PDF)

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Throughout the decades, semiconductors, metals and ceramics have been used in highly complex systems, viz., optical and magnetic mass storage media, sensors, therapeutics, light-emitting diodes, and optoelectronic devices. In this regard, a large number of materials with modified and improved properties carry out various functions such as data collection, processing, transmission, storage and display information. Technological advancements in magnetic and optical materials are shaping the boundaries shared by the various fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine and materials science. This book gives comprehensive information on the progress made in magnetic and optical materials. It also provides a few of the interesting features of these materials that have particular significance in their performance in various fields of science and technology. Furthermore, this book is the sole compilation of important discussions about magnetic and optical materials such as their synthesis, properties, characterizations and applications in a single platform.

The work included in this book has been organized into two parts. The first part consists of magnetic materials. Different aspects of magnetic materials are discussed in detail by various authors in a way that should allow the scientific community to select the best materials for a particular application. On the other hand, the second part consists of optical materials, providing past and most recent breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics. This book is organized into fourteen chapters, the agendas of which are briefly described below.

Part 1: Magnetic Materials
1. Superconducting Order in Magnetic Heterostructures
2. Magnetic Antiresonance in Nanocomposite Materials
3. Magnetic Bioactive Glass Ceramics for Bone Healing and Hyperthermic Treatment of Solid Tumors
4. Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Advances on Controlled Synthesis, Multifunctionalization, and Biomedical Applications
5. Magnetic Nanomaterial-based Anticancer Therapy
6. Theoretical Study of Strained Carbon-based Nanobelts: Structural, Energetic, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of [n]Cyclacenes
7. Room Temperature Molecular Magnets: Modeling and Applications
Part 2: Optical Materials
8. Advances and Future of White LED Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting
9. Design of Luminescent Materials with “Turn-On/Off” Response for Anions and Cations
10. Recent Advancements in Luminescent Materials and Their Potential Applications
11. Strongly Confined PbS Quantum Dots: Emission Limiting, Photonic Doping, and Magneto-optical Effects
12. Microstructure Characterization of Some Quantum Dots Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying
13. Advances in Functional Luminescent Materials and Phosphors
14. Development in Organic Light-emitting Materials and Their Potential Applications

Author Details
"Ashutosh Tiwari"

"Parameswar K. Iyer"

"Vijay Kumar"

"Hendrik Swart"

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