Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ansible: Up and Running (Free PDF)

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This book is for anyone who needs to deal with Linux or Unix-like servers. If you’ve ever used the terms systems administration, operations, deployment, configuration management, or (sigh) DevOps, then you should find some value here.

Although I have managed my share of Linux servers, my background is in software engineering. This means that the examples in this book tend toward the deployment end of the spectrum, although I’m in agreement with Andrew Clay Shafer ([webops]) that the distinction between deployment and configuration is unresolved.

1. Introduction
2. Playbooks: A Beginning
3. Inventory: Describing Your Servers
4. Variables and Facts
5. Introducing Mezzanine: Our Test Application
6. Deploying Mezzanine with Ansible
7. Complex Playbooks
8. Roles: Scaling Up Your Playbooks
9. Making Ansible Go Even Faster
10. Custom Modules
11. Vagrant
12. Amazon EC2
13. Docker
14. Debugging Ansible Playbooks
B. Default Settings
C. Using IAM Roles for EC2 Credentials

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"Lorin Hochstein"

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