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Building and Maintaining a Data Warehouse (Free PDF)

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This book began years ago when I joined the Data Warehousing Team. We read the books and articles by Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon. We spent years understanding the full meanings and ramifications of Data Warehousing concepts and methods. We lived with our successes and we lived with our failures. That is what sets this book apart from other Data Warehouse literature—the perspective of a data warehouse analyst who has created data warehouses and then lived with them.

When I began in Data Warehousing in 2000, I understood the concepts and principles easily enough. They made sense. Making those Data Warehouse concepts and principles happen in a data warehouse was an entirely different matter. I searched the Data Warehousing literature and found many pockets of very helpful information. Over the years, I have collected and assimilated those pockets of information. Colleagues have given me opportunities to share and refine those pockets of knowledge. Eventually, they melded together to form a single cohesive and holistic approach to Data Warehousing. That single approach is the subject and content of this book.

I invite you to agree or disagree, accept or modify the methods presented in this book as you apply them to your data warehouse. If you agree and accept the methods in this book, they will serve you well. If, however, you disagree and modify the concepts and methods in this book, you will find concepts and methods that more closely fit your data warehouse. Either way, you will find a set of concepts and methods, either from this book or in response to this book, which will serve you well in your data warehouse. After all, that is the purpose of this book— to answer the question: “How do I build a data warehouse?”

The Author
1. The Big Picture: An Introduction to Data Warehousing
2. Data Warehouse Philosophy
3. Source System Analysis
4. Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
5. Database Design
6. Data Acquisition and Integration
7. Business Intelligence Reporting
8. Data Quality
9. Metadata
10. Data Warehouse Customers
11. Future of Data Warehousing: An Epilogue

Author Details
"Fon Silvers"

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