Saturday, August 17, 2019

Building Web Services with Microsoft Azure

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With multiple cloud platforms out there, it is easy to get confused when making a technology decision for your projects. This gets further complicated with the plethora of development tools and frameworks available today. Microsoft Azure simplies this problem by providing a scalable and manageable platform for customers to easily deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot their cloud-based applications. Its seamless integration with new and existing Microsoft tools and inherent support for open source software makes it an obvious choice for building cloud-based applications and services.

Whether you are new to Microsoft Azure cloud development or you have been creating cloud applications, there will be something new for you in this book. We will cover the full application development architecture and cover all tiers of an application. We will also cover a number of patterns that you will encounter, from solutions that are completely hosted in the cloud to hybrid solutions where applications are split between the cloud and on-premises networks.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the ASP.NET Web API
Chapter 2: Extending the ASP.NET Web API
Chapter 3: API Management
Chapter 4: Developing a Web API for Mobile Apps
Chapter 5: Connecting Applications with Microsoft Azure Service Bus
Chapter 6: Creating Hybrid Services
Chapter 7: Data Services in the Cloud – an Overview of ADO.NET and Entity Framework
Chapter 8: Data Services in the Cloud – Microsoft Azure Storage
Chapter 9: Data Services in the Cloud – NoSQL in Microsoft Azure

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"Alex Belotserkovskiy"

"Stephen Kaufman"

"Nikhil Sachdeva"

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