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Cellular Technologies for Emerging Markets: 2G, 3G and Beyond

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Emerging markets have seen an unprecedented growth in the last few years. The operator focus has been on giving complete coverage to all regions (urban to rural) and to subscription to all – people from the highest to the lowest income groups. When the idea is taking coverage for the remotest of the regions and getting the ‘unconnected–connected’, technology and business modelling are two important focus areas. This book covers one of them – technology. Many of the mobile technologies find importance in one network. No more do we see networks that are working on just one or two technologies but we are seeing networks that are an amalgamation of technologies. Engineers and executives working in the field sometimes find it challenging to get hold of a single manual that gives them an overview of technologies that are existing in the mobile field. This book tries to address that challenge – providing an overview of technology, designing and applications of the few important technologies under one cover.

There are many books that are available dealing with individual technologies and so this book is not for in-depth reading of one technology but rather a quick overview of some key technologies. Experts of one technology can quickly understand what they can expect in other technologies. So, this book will be beneficial to beginners, experts, managers and technocrats at the same time.

Foreword 1: Role of Technology in Emerging Markets
Foreword 2: Connecting the Unconnected
1. Cellular Technology in Emerging Markets
2. GSM and EGPRS
5. HSPA and LTE
6. OFDM and All-IP
7. Broadband Wireless Access: WLAN, Wi-Fi and WiMAX
8. Convergence and IP Multimedia Sub-System
9. Unlicensed Mobile Access
10. DVB-H
Appendix A. VAS Applications
Appendix B. Energy in Telecommunications

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"Ajay R. Mishra"

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