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Cloud Computing Using Oracle Application Express

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If someone had asked me to write this book two decades ago, I would have simply refused the suggestion—not because I couldn’t do so but because of the mountain of code necessary to create the application with its menus, forms, reports, and so on. The appearance of GUIs and RAD has not only eased the burden on developers but has also enabled application development to be easily demonstrated in book form.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a unique development platform that helps you develop cloud-based applications rapidly. In my book Oracle Application Express 5 for Beginners, I practically demonstrated almost every significant feature of Oracle APEX. This book is an attempt to take my readers to the next level with some more useful stuff.

You might be one of those readers who is already familiar with Oracle APEX and has some experience in developing simple applications but who lacks the required knowledge that is needed to develop a comprehensive system. In this book, you will bridge this gap by developing a complete general ledger accounting system named The Cloud Accountant, which will be accessible through a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, and the latest smartphones. Besides the development of a functional application (which you can deploy in your organization or even in other organizations to earn some handsome bucks), the book demonstrates many new techniques to further enhance your APEX development skills.

This book is also ideal for those who have been developing applications in Oracle Forms and now want to try web development using their existing expertise.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing and the Application Project
Chapter 2: Application Navigation
Chapter 3: Companies
Chapter 4: Fiscal Year
Chapter 5: Voucher Types
Chapter 6: Application Segments
Chapter 7: User Groups
Chapter 8: Create Users
Chapter 9: Reset Password
Chapter 10: Switch Company, Year, and Month
Chapter 11: Cost Centers
Chapter 12: Chart of Accounts
Chapter 13: Copy Chart of Accounts
Chapter 14: Enter Vouchers
Chapter 15: Search Transactions
Chapter 16: Vouchers Verification
Chapter 17: Vouchers Report
Chapter 18: Ledger Report
Chapter 19: Trial Balance Report
Chapter 20: Opening Bank Transactions
Chapter 21: Bank Reconciliation
Chapter 22: Bank Reconciliation Report
Chapter 23: Month Closure
Chapter 24: Year-End Processes
Chapter 25: Budget Allocation
Chapter 26: Budget Report
Chapter 27: Set Up Accounts for Financial Statements
Chapter 28: Financial Statements
Chapter 29: Executive Dashboard
Chapter 30: Application Feedback
Chapter 31: Mobile Version
Chapter 32: Application Security
Appendix: Book Code

Author Details
"Riaz Ahmed" is an IT professional with more than 23 years of experience. He started his career in early 1990s as a programmer and has been employed in a wide variety of information technology positions, including analyst programmer, system analyst, project manager, data architect, database designer, and senior database administrator. Currently he is working as the head of IT for a group of companies.

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