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Developing Exhaust Air Energy Recovery Credits for the Florida Energy Code

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The purpose of this project is to determine ERV credits that can be used to estimate the energy savings potential of energy recovery devices relative to standard reference building annual HVAC energy uses in Florida climate for incorporation in the Florida Code. The ERV credits represent the annual HVAC energy savings in percent relative to a standard reference building HVAC energy use. The reference building HVAC energy use is a standard reference building based on the 2014 Florida Code (Florida Building Code, 2014) without ERV device. The proposed building is a standard reference building with ERV device installed. The energy savings potential due to ERV device is determined using computer simulations. The pre-determined ERV credits then will be used for commercial code compliance calculation when the compliance software cannot model ERV devices. The DOE’s whole building energy simulation program, EnergyPlus, version v8.2 was used for the simulation. The DOE’s reference prototype commercial buildings, which were developed by Pacific North National Laboratory (PNNL), were used for this study. These prototype commercial buildings were modified to make them compatible with the 2014 Florida Energy Code. The prototype commercial buildings, which had basement, were modified by removing the basement block. Computer simulation was run for the six Florida cities for each of the nine commercial buildings. The ERV credits were determined by comparing the energy uses of the proposed and the reference buildings. ERV devices were added to the prototype buildings where there is missing one. Also a brief description of the DOE commercial prototype buildings, changes made to the prototype buildings and the ERV device input assumptions.

1. Introduction
2. Modeling Tool and Assumptions
3. Prototype Commercial Buildings
4. Energy Savings Analysis and Results
5. Developing ERV Credits
6. ERV Credit Sensitivity Analysis
7. Recommendation
8. Appendix

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"Muthusamy Swami"

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