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Electric machines and Drives: Principles, Control, Modeling, and Simulation

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Electric machines play crucial, yet often quiet and unnoticed, roles in our modern lives. The electricity that we have come to expect as an indispensable commodity is generated using electric generators. A large number of modern conveniences we enjoy are powered by electric motors of different forms and sizes. It is hard to imagine a world without electric machines and what they do to make our lives easier.

For a long period of time, the study of electric machines was a major portion of electrical engineering programs. In the past two or three decades, however, this subject was given less than its fair share of attention, while subjects such as digital and computer systems filled up large portions of curricula in many universities.

In recent years, electric machines have been used in radically new and exciting applications and in large scales, for example, in renewable energy generation schemes and electric and hybrid vehicles. These new developments and advances in power electronics and control systems have given electric machines a much deserved new life. This book aims to engage the student in the subject of electric machines and drives by laying a strong foundation rooted in physical principles of operation of these systems.

1. Physics of Electric Machines
2. Principles of Alternating Current Machines
3. Principles of Direct Current Machines
4. Induction Machine Modeling
5. Steady State Induction Machine Drives
6. High-Performance Control of Induction Machines
7. High-Performance Control of Synchronous Machines
8. Power Electronic Circuits for Electric Motor Drives
9. Simulation-Based Design of Electric Drive Systems
Appendix A: Numerical Simulation of Dynamical Systems
Appendix B: Power Semiconductor Devices
Appendix C: Trigonometric Identities

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"Shaahin Filizadeh"

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