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Electrical Safety Handbook (Free PDF)

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It seems like only a few days since the second edition of this handbook was completed; however, in the five years that have passed, amazing things have happened in the world of safety. First, the 2000 edition of NFPA 70E has become the 2004 edition with a multitude of changes. Second, the electrical world seems to have become much more aware of the hazards of electricity and has started to embrace many, if not all, of the more modern safety requirements, such as flash-hazard evaluations. Finally, companies throughout the world are starting to gear up to provide enhanced safety programs for their personnel and work in teams to achieve that goal.

The Electrical Safety Handbook has continued to receive remarkably broad acceptance in the electrical safety world, perhaps because it is the only independent reference source for all of the various aspects of electrical safety. With this in mind, we have expanded virtually all of the previous chapters in this edition as well as added a brand new chapter covering the safety aspects of electrical maintenance. We truly hope that the increased detail in the old chapters and the addition of the new chapter will be met with the same enthusiasm as the previous edition.

Chapter 1. Hazards of Electricity
Chapter 2. Electrical Safety Equipment
Chapter 3. Safety Procedures and Methods
Chapter 4. Grounding of Electrical Systems and Equipment
Chapter 5. Electrical Maintenance and Its Relationship to Safety
Chapter 6. Regulatory and Legal Safety Requirements and Standards
Chapter 7. Accident Prevention, Accident Investigation, Rescue, and First Aid
Chapter 8. Medical Aspects of Electrical Trauma
Chapter 9. Low-Voltage Safety Synopsis
Chapter 10. Medium- and High-Voltage Safety Synopsis
Chapter 11. Human Factors in Electrical Safety
Chapter 12. Safety Management and Organizational Structure
Chapter 13. Safety Training Methods and Systems

Author Details
"John Cadick", P.E.
Cadick Corporation, Garland, Texas

"Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer", M.D., M.P.A.
CapSchell, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

"Dennis K. Neitzel", C.P.E.
AVO Training Institute, Inc., Dallas, Texas

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