Thursday, August 29, 2019

Extending SaltStack (Free PDF)

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This book assumes a reasonable amount of knowledge of both Salt and the Python programming language. While you may be able to slam out some code without much experience (indeed, that is how the author got started with both), you will find it much easier with these tools already under your belt.

While the examples in this book are tested and functional, they may not be applicable to your needs. They are designed to be simple and easily understood by one who is comfortable with both Python and Salt, while still showcasing a reasonably amount of functionality.

Salt currently has a baseline of Python 2.6, which means that many older Linux distributions are still supported. As of the first edition of this book, Salt does not currently run on the Python 3.x branch. Minion-side examples are expected to work in Windows as well, except when the dependencies that they rely on aren’t available.

1. Starting with the Basics
2. Writing Execution Modules
3. Extending Salt Configuration
4. Wrapping States Around Execution Modules
5. Rendering Data
6. Handling Return Data
7. Scripting with Runners
8. Adding External File Servers
9. Connecting to the Cloud
10. Monitoring with Beacons
11. Extending the Master
A. Connecting Different Modules
B. Contributing Code Upstream

Author Details
"Joseph Hall" has been working with SaltStack for a very long time. His first commit was on March 14, 2011, making him the second contributor to the Salt codebase. At the time his Python skills weren’t very good, but writing Salt modules made them better.

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