Thursday, August 29, 2019

Femtocells: Design & Application (Free PDF)

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As a cellular standard evolves, there are many variables that must be optimized. A few of these variables are directly related to higher throughput, increased user capacity, and in general improved system performance. The optimization techniques have involved higherorder modulation, improved multiple access (in both time and frequency), more powerful error correction codes, cell size reduction, and more. We believe the trend of reducing the inter-cell site distance is the correct solution leading to the femtocell. Femtocells are lowpower cellular access points that operate in licensed spectrum to connect standard mobile devices to a mobile operator’s network using either DSL, cable, or fiber broadband connections.

The topics covered in this book will provide the reader with a sound foundation in the technical issues designers will be faced with when designing femtocells. This book is intended to be used for graduate-level courses in engineering as well as to serve as a reference for engineers and scientists designing femtocells.

1. Femtocell Design
2. 3G and LTE Radio Access Technologies
3. Femtocell System Analysis
4. Femtocell Architectures
5. VoIP Fundamentals
6. Media Protocols over IP
7. Femtocell Security Solutions
8. Quality of Service
9. IMS Network Architectur

Author Details
"Joseph Boccuzzi"

"Michael Ruggiero"

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