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Foundations of Network Optimization and Games (Free PDF)

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This book is about computable mathematical models of infrastructure networks in decision environments that are primarily static or steady state in nature. The models considered are either mathematical programs or noncooperative mathematical games. The numerical methods considered include steepest descent, feasible direction, projection, fixed point, gap function, and computational intelligence algorithms.

The book is a direct outgrowth of teaching and research we have done at Penn State, James Madison University, George Mason University, MIT, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania. It is meant for use by students in civil engineering, industrial engineering, systems engineering, and operations research as either a primary or secondary textbook. It is also a reference for researchers specializing in the design and operation of transportation, water resource, telecommunications, and/or energy infrastructure networks.

The book includes quite a large number of numerical examples which we have found instructive to students and scholars who are selecting numerical methods for specific applications. At the same time, the book emphasizes a theoretical core of foundation models, each of which is a point of departure in the descriptive and prescriptive modeling of real networks.

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1. Introduction
2. Elements of Nonlinear Programming
3. Elements of Graph Theory
4. Programs with Network Structure
5. Near-Network and Large-Scale Programs
6. Normative Network Models and Their Solution
7. Nash Games
8. Network Traffic Assignment
9. Spatial Price Equilibrium on Networks
10. Network Stackelberg Games and Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints

Author Details
"Terry L. Friesz"

"David Bernstein"

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