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Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies

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The goal of this book is to introduce the foundations of Semantic Web technologies to a level of detail and depth which is not found in any other textbook currently available. It is a book written for university courses as well as for self-teaching, and suitable for researchers and practitioners alike. It is based on five years of experience of the authors in teaching this subject. In these five years a lot of things have happened. Semantic Web went from a hyped research subject to one almost pronounced dead to one being invested in by major IT companies. It turns out that it is not only alive and kicking – it is actually growing rapidly, supported by substantial funding from research organizations and industry. IT and venture capital companies are investing. Numerous large-scale applications have been established, and more are being developed.

At the same time, Semantic Web technologies are still rapidly evolving. No textbook is able to keep up with the speed of the most recent developments, and indeed those which try are bound to be already outdated when they appear. We take a different approach for this book. We focus on the established foundations which have already become relatively stable over time, and we make an effort to convey these very thoroughly. Our presentation thus includes not only basic introductions and intuitions, but also technical details and formal foundations. Especially the advanced aspects are in our opinion not sufficiently treated in any of the currently available English-language textbooks.1 We are confident that the reader will benefit from the increased depth of this book, even when relying on our intuitive explanations without studying the advanced material in detail.

1. The Quest for Semantics
I: Resource Description Language RDF
2. Simple Ontologies in RDF and RDF Schema
3. RDF Formal Semantics
II: Web Ontology Language OWL
4. Ontologies in OWL
5. OWL Formal Semantics
III: Rules and Queries
6. Ontologies and Rules
7. Query Languages
IV :Beyond Foundations
8. Ontology Engineering
9. Applications
V: Appendices
A. Extensible Markup Language XML
B. Set Theory
C. Logic
D. Solutions to the Exercises

Author Details
"PD Dr. Pascal Hitzler" is currently assistant professor at AIFB and will join the Kno.e.sis Center atWright State University, Dayton, Ohio, in September 2009 as faculty member.

"M.Sc. Markus Kr√∂tzsch" is a researcher at AIFB where he is also working on his PhD thesis. He received his Master of Science at the International Center for Computational Logic at Dresden University of Technology in 2005.

"Dr. Sebastian Rudolph" is assistant professor at AIFB. He obtained his PhD in mathematics at the Institute for Algebra at Dresden University of Technology in 2006.

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