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Guide to the Wiring Regulations (17th Edition)

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This book discusses the requirements of BS 7671: 2008, also known as the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition, published during January 2008.

The aim of the guide is to provide an explanation of the theory and reasons behind the Regulations, their meaning and the intent of their drafting. The book provides advice and guidance, demystifying the ‘requirements’ wherever possible. Practical and original solutions have been provided, which are often not found in other industry guidance.

The guide is a valuable resource for all users of BS 7671 including apprentices, electricians who perhaps want to ‘dig a bit deeper’ into the background of the Regulations, together with electrical technicians, installation engineers and design engineers. Most individuals who have any involvement with BS 7671 will find the book of considerable help and benefit in their everyday work.

To derive use and benefit from the book it is assumed that readers have knowledge of electrical installation engineering to a basic level. However, ‘defined scope’ installers and those at similar levels will also gain from working through the book thanks to its clear diagrams. Given these prerequisites, the book can be used as a learning text for the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations as long as readers have a copy of the Standard itself. Indeed, a copy of BS 7671: 2008 is required as a reference document when using this book, and readers should at least familiarize themselves with the terminology and definitions used in the basic Standard.

Foreword by Giuliano Digilio
Chapter A – BS 7671: 2008 – Introduction and Overview
Chapter B – Legal Relationship and General Requirements of BS 7671: 2008
Chapter C – Circuitry and Related Parts of BS 7671: 2008
Chapter D – Selection and Erection – Equipment
Chapter E – Earthing and Bonding
Chapter F – Inspection, Testing and Certification (Part 6)
Chapter G – Special Locations

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"Darrell Locke"

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