Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Handbook of International Electrical Safety Practices (Free PDF)

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The Handbook of International Electrical Safety Practices is intended for the electricity generating, power transmission and distribution sectors. Electricity is an essential ingredient of our lives and has vast social implications to all nations. It is perhaps among the greatest and most important developments of the 20th century that continues to touch our lives daily. The economic and social developments of nations have been intrinsically coupled to electricity use. The lack of electricity, or insufficient electricity, is a concern of virtually all governments. Electricity is in fact one of the prime measures of a nation's wealth and it defines the quality of life. Electricity generation does come with a cost to the environment and there are long term impacts to the health and well-being of communities. These however, are topics for examining in other publications.

List of contributors
Glossary of abbreviations
Chapter 1: How to Evaluate Safety Programs
Chapter 2: Meters and Monitors
Chapter 3: General Safety Practices
Chapter 4: Safe Use of Equipment
Chapter 5: Electrical Safety
Chapter 6: Worker Safety Rules
Chapter 7: Recordkeeping, Training and Inspections, Accident Investigation and Reporting
Chapter 8: Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
Appendix A Chemical Exposure Tables
Appendix B Forms

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