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How To Be Your Own Home Electrician

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ELECTRICITY AND ITS MEASUREMENT. Theory tells us that an electric current traveling through a wire is a movement of electrons-about 6.28 billion billion for each ampere. So, if you're reading this by the light of a lamp with a pair of 60-watt bulbs, you have about 6,280,000,000,000,000,000 electrons hustling through the lamp cord every second. You can't see them or weigh them as they do their work, but you can measure the current they produce. And you measure it much as you would measure water flowing through a pipe. Instead of figuring in gallons per minute, however, as with water, you calculate electricity in "coulombs" per second. But you're not likely to hear that term often, as a current of 1 coulomb per second is called a current of 1 ampere. That is the more convenient term you see abbreviated to "amps." on the specification plates of the electric motors you use.

The pressure or "push" that moves the piped water along is measured in pounds per square inch. Similarly, the push behind an electric current is measured in volts. And here again, terms may be combined for convenience. Multiply the number of amps. a device consumes by the number of volts in the power line and you have its rating in watts-the measuring units you see marked on light bulbs, toasters, and electric heaters. (On alternating current, this simple mathematics doesn't apply to such things as motors and buzzers because of technical factors.)

A Few Words About the National Electrical Code
1. Tools for Wiring
2. Types of Wires and Wiring Techniques
3. How to Install House Wiring
4. Wiring for Heavy Loads
5. Wiring an Old House
6. Surface Wiring
7. Outlet Repairs and Installations
8. Plugs and Cords
9. Wall and Ceiling Fixtures
10. Installing and Replacing Switches
11. Outdoor Wiring
12. Testing Wiring
13. Fluorescent Lights
14. Doorbells and Chimes
15. Fuses and Circuit Breakers
16. Working with Electric Motors

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