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Implementing OpenShift (Free PDF)

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When web developers traditionally came up with their next big idea, before they could start writing any serious amount of code, they either had to deploy and run their own infrastructure or had to submit a request to their system administration team. This process would generally require some amount of budgetary approval for computer hardware, storage, network allocation, space in a rack in their organization's data center, as well as electrical, heating, and cooling considerations.

Now, with the widespread adoption of virtualization technologies, much of this process can be expedited, but there is still the administrative overhead of configuration and administration of the backend services needed to support the development environment. This is where the innovation of the cloud comes in, not just marketing buzz words that we all know and love, but real innovation that is changing the shape of IT as we know it.

For those innovative minds looking to build the next big web application or adventuring into a new web startup endeavor, these are real concerns that need addressing. This is precisely the subject area where OpenShift aims to be the answer. OpenShift is an open source PaaS (Platform as a Service) Cloud from Red Hat, Inc. OpenShift is an application platform that enables developers to not worry about the backend infrastructure, but instead worry about what they want to worry about, that is writing code to bring to life the brilliant web application they've dreamed up.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Essentials
Chapter 2: Using OpenShift
Chapter 3: OpenShift – Technologies and Working
Chapter 4: Deploying an OpenShift PaaS

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