Saturday, August 3, 2019

Installation and Service: HVAC (Free PDF)

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Secondary vocational–technical education programs in Mississippi are faced with many challenges resulting from sweeping educational reforms at the national and state levels. Schools and teachers are increasingly being held accountable for providing true learning activities to every student in the classroom. This accountability is measured through increased requirements for mastery and attainment of competency as documented through both formative and summative assessments.

1. Acknowledgments
2. Preface
3. Executive Summary
4. Research Synopsis
5. Course Outlines
6. Using This Document
7. Installation and Service: HVAC
8. Student Competency Profile
Appendix A: 21st Century Skills Standards
Appendix B: Mississippi Academic Standards
Appendix C: ACT College Readiness Standards
Appendix D: National Industry Standards
Appendix E: National Educational Technology Standards for Students

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