Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Instant EdgeSight for XenApp (Free PDF)

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Citrix EdgeSight for XenApp provides the most comprehensive performance-management and reporting solution for the Citrix XenApp infrastructure. Administrators have real-time visibility to session-level performance and provide visibility into key metrics such as profile load time and login script execution.

Citrix EdgeSight is a complicated tool and a beast of an application in itself. With this in mind, we've made an attempt to cover the recipes that a Citrix administrator might come across while managing and supporting their XenApp farm on a daily basis.

This book follows a cookbook style and is packed with simple yet incredibly effective and practical recipes covering the basics to the advanced. All recipes contain step-by-step instructions with screenshots for practical and easy learning.

* Instant EdgeSight for XenApp
1. Installing EdgeSight Server (Intermediate)
2. Installing EdgeSight agents (Simple)
3. Configuring the server settings (Intermediate)
4. Configuring users, groups, and authentication (Intermediate)
5. Defining alerts (Advanced)
6. Managing the real-time dashboard (Intermediate)
7. Working with EdgeSight reports (Intermediate)
8. Monitoring the Citrix license usage (Intermediate)
9. Resolving performance problems (Advanced)
10. Grooming EdgeSight databases (Advanced)

Author Details
"Vaqar Hasan"

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