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Learning BeagleBone (Free PDF)

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The BeagleBone provides a vehicle for learning embedded devices. Regardless of whether you are a maker looking to embed a computer into your latest project or just interested in learning about embedded programming, the BeagleBone is the board to use. Unlike other low-cost controller boards, the BeagleBone is a fully fledged computer using current mobile technology made accessible for custom projects, prototypes, and learning. The BeagleBone can be programmed in almost any manner that a desktop or laptop Linux system can. Design material is openly available so projects can be independently manufactured.

This book goes through the basics of the BeagleBone boards along with exercises to guide a new user through the process of using the BeagleBone for the first time. It covers unboxing a new BeagleBone and basic configuration of a desktop or a laptop system so that the board can be programmed. For anyone who has previously used a microcontroller or has only programmed desktop systems, this book provides simple exercises using no more resources than what is on the board.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Beagle Boards
Chapter 2: Software in the BeagleBone
Chapter 3: Building an LED Flasher
Chapter 4: Refining the LED Flasher
Chapter 5: Connecting the BeagleBone to Mobile Devices
Chapter 6: Recovering from the Mistakes
Chapter 7: Interfacing with the BeagleBone
Chapter 8: Advanced Software Topics
Chapter 9: Expansion Boards and Options
Appendix A: The Boot Process
Appendix B: Terms and Definitions

Author Details
"Hunyue Yau" is an electrical engineer who graduated from the California Institute of Technology. He has worked with Linux since the early '90s, starting with the Soft Landing System. He created one of the first embedded Linux devices in 1996 with a custom-made distribution.

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