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Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development (Free PDF)

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Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development is a guide to real-world network hacking with the best tricks to master the art of exploitation.

This book has been designed in well-defined stages to facilitate effective learning. From the actual setup to vulnerability assessment, and finally exploitation, this book gives in-depth knowledge of penetration testing. The book deals with vulnerability assessment exercises with some of the industrially-used tools and report making tips. It covers the topics of client exploitation, backdoors, post-exploitation, and also exploit development with Metasploit.

This book has been developed keeping in mind a practical hands-on approach so that readers can effectively try and test what they actually read. We are confident this book will prove to be effective in helping you develop the skills of an offensive penetration tester.

Chapter 1: Lab Setup
Chapter 2: Metasploit Framework Organization
Chapter 3: Exploitation Basics
Chapter 4: Meterpreter Basics
Chapter 5: Vulnerability Scanning and Information Gathering
Chapter 6: Client-side Exploitation
Chapter 7: Post Exploitation
Chapter 8: Post Exploitation – Privilege Escalation
Chapter 9: Post Exploitation – Cleaning Up Traces
Chapter 10: Post Exploitation – Backdoors
Chapter 11: Post Exploitation – Pivoting and Network Sniffing
Chapter 12: Exploit Research with Metasploit
Chapter 13: Using Social Engineering Toolkit and Armitage

Author Details
"Aditya Balapure" is an information security researcher, consultant, and an author with expertise in the fields of Web Application Penetration Testing and Enterprise Server Security. Aditya has 3 years' of practical experience in the field of information security.

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