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Learning the vi and Vim Editors (7th Edition)

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Text editing is one of the most common tasks on any computer system, and vi is one of the most useful standard text editors on a system. With vi you can create new files or edit any existing text-only file.

vi, like many of the classic utilities developed during the early years of Unix, has a reputation for being hard to navigate. Bram Moolenaar’s enhanced clone, Vim (“vi Improved”), has gone a long way toward removing reasons for such impressions. Vim includes countless conveniences, visual guides, and help screens. It has become probably the most popular version of vi, so this seventh edition of this book devotes seven new chapters to it in Part II, Vim. However, many other worthy clones of vi also exist; we cover three of them in Part III, Other vi Clones.

Part I. Basic and Advanced
1. The vi Text Editor
2. Simple Editing
3. Moving Around in a Hurry
4. Beyond the Basics
5. Introducing the ex Editor
6. Global Replacement
7. Advanced Editing
8. Introduction to the vi Clones
Part II. Vim
9. Vim (vi Improved): An Introduction
10. Major Vim Improvements over vi
11. Multiple Windows in Vim
12. Vim Scripts
13. Graphical Vim (gvim)
14. Vim Enhancements for Programmers
15. Other Cool Stuff in Vim
Part III. Other vi Clones
16. nvi: New vi
17. Elvis
18. vile: vi Like Emacs
Part IV. Appendixes
A. The vi, ex, and Vim Editors
B. Setting Options
C. Problem Checklists
D. vi and the Internet

Author Details
"Arnold Robbins"

"Elbert Hannah"

"Linda Lamb"

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