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Linux Pocket Guide (3rd Edition)

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Welcome to Linux! If you’re a new user, this book can serve as a quick introduction, as well as a guide to common and practical commands. If you have Linux experience, feel free to skip the introductory material.

This book is a short guide, not a comprehensive reference. We cover important, useful aspects of Linux so you can work productively. We do not, however, present every single command and every last option (our apologies if your favorite was omitted), nor delve into detail about operating system internals. Short, sweet, and essential—that’s our motto.

Linux Pocket Guide
1. What’s in This Book?
2. Practicing with This Book 
3. Getting Help 
4. Linux: A First View 
5. The Filesystem 
6. Shell Features 
7. Basic File Operations 
8. Directory Operations 
9. File Viewing 
10. File Creation and Editing 
11. File Properties 
12. File Location 
13. File Text Manipulation 
14. File Compression and Packaging 
15. File Comparison 
16. PDF and PostScript File Handling 
17. Printing 
18. Spellchecking
19. Disks and Filesystems 
20. Backups and Remote Storage 
21. Viewing Processes 
22. Controlling Processes 
23. Scheduling Jobs 
24. Logins, Logouts, and Shutdowns
25. Users and Their Environment 
26. User Account Management 
27. Becoming the Superuser 
28. Group Management 
29. Host Information 
30. Host Location 
31. Network Connections 
32. Email 
33. Web Browsing 
34. Instant Messaging 
35. Screen Output 
36. Copy and Paste 
37. Math and Calculations 
38. Dates and Times 
39. Graphics
40. Audio and Video 
41. Installing Software
42. Programming with Shell Scripts
43. Final Words

Author Details
"Daniel J. Barrett"

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