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Mastering JIRA: Gain expertise in tracking project issues and managing them efficiently using JIRA

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JIRA is an issue-tracking tool from Atlassian, which has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its ease of use, its customization abilities, and finely grained control over various functions. Out of the box, JIRA offers issue and bug tracking capabilities to create tasks, assign it to users, and generate useful reports. However, the real power of JIRA lies in the customization that it offers.

Experienced JIRA administrators looking to learn advanced topics and expand their knowledge will benefit from this book.

Packed with real-world examples and use cases, you will first learn how to plan the JIRA installation. Then, you will be given a brief refresher of the fundamental concepts. You will also understand the customizations in detail, along with a sample data for various use cases. Several aspects of JIRA administration, such as user management, groups, roles, and security levels, will be covered keeping in mind the applications for enterprises. Next, this book will take you through the add-on development to extend JIRA functionalities. It will also give you insights on how to build applications on top of JIRA using the REST API. Various aspects of the migration process from other tools using the CSV file will also be discussed.

The implementation of Scrum and Kanban techniques, along with Agile reports, will be discussed. We will take a look at the Groovy script, which is a great tool that empowers JIRA administrators with tremendous flexibility. We will also take a look at some of the common database tables to fetch useful results and discuss the possibilities to add custom CSS and JavaScript in our JIRA instance. Finally, we will conclude the book by going through the best practices and troubleshooting steps to help you find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Chapter 1: Planning Your JIRA Installation
Chapter 2: Searching in JIRA
Chapter 3: Reporting – Charts to Visualize the Data
Chapter 4: Customizing JIRA for Test Management
Chapter 5: Sample Implementation of Use Cases
Chapter 6: User Management, Groups, and Project Roles
Chapter 7: Configuring JIRA User Directories to Connect with LDAP, Crowd, and JIRA User Server
Chapter 8: JIRA Add-on Development and Leveraging REST API
Chapter 9: Importing and Exporting Data in JIRA
Chapter 10: Working with JIRA Agile
Chapter 11: JIRA Administration with Groovy Script Runner
Chapter 12: Accessing the Database
Chapter 13: Customizing Look and Feel and Behavior
Chapter 14: JIRA Best Practices
Chapter 15: Troubleshooting JIRA
Appendix: Integrating JIRA with Other Tools

Author Details
"Ravi Sagar" is a JIRA trainer, consultant, and Drupal expert with several years of experience in web development and business analysis. He has done extensive work implementing and customizing big JIRA instances for project tracking, test management, support tickets, and Agile tracking.

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