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Mastering Linux (Free PDF)

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Linux is one of the great success stories of open-source, community-developed software. It is increasingly used asWeb and application servers, software development platforms, personal workstations, and research machines. In computer science and engineering departments, you’ll find Linux systems in classrooms, programming labs, and computer centers, not just because Linux is free, but also because it offers a rich computing environment for teaching and learning.

From its beginning in 1991, and with help from the GNU Project, Linux has evolved quickly and has brought new powers and conveniences to users. Competency on Linux will be important for any serious computer professional.

This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Linux concepts, usage, and programming. The text helps you master Linux with a wellselected set of topics. Hands-on practice is encouraged; it is the only way to gain familiarity with an operating system. A primer gets you started quickly. The chapters lead you from user interfaces, commands and filters, Shell scripting, the file system, networking, to kernel system calls. There are many examples and complete programs ready to download and run. A summmary and exercises of varying degrees of difficulty can be found at the end of each chapter. A companion website provides appendices, information updates, an example code package, and other resources for instructors as well as students. See page 405 for details.

Preface v
Introduction 1
1 A Linux Primer
2 Interactive Use of the Shell
3 Desktops, Windows, and Applications
4 Filters and Regular Expressions
5 Writing Shell Scripts
6 The File System
7 Networking, Internet, and the Web
8 Web Hosting: Apache, PHP, and MySQL
9 C Programming in Linux
10 I/O and Process Control System Calls
11 Inter-process and Network Communication
12 GUI Programming with Ruby/GTK2
Appendices Online
Website and Example Code Package

Author Details
"Paul S. Wang"

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