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Measures HVAC High Efficiency Systems Strategy

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When the HVAC High Efficiency Systems Strategy was first started, a leading industry figure told the writer that, “HVAC systems and energy efficiency are mutually exclusive.” This was said with some irony because many industry participants are committed to designing and delivering efficient systems.

Both the market for HVAC services, and the process of designing, delivering and operating HVAC systems have, in the past, failed to create the conditions that ensures efficiency throughout the life of systems. Some improvements in market behaviour in recent years has created better market conditions, in some sectors, that support improved efficiency. Many aspects of the industry processes are still failing. This project attends largely to the failures in the industry processes.

The range of measures proposed herein to improve the energy performance of HVAC systems is the outcome of an extensive consulting process. Between July 2005 and December 2006, hundreds of participants along the supply chain for HVAC systems were emailed with discussion papers, interviewed face-to-face, engaged in debate at seminars and presented with proposals at conferences. More than 50 written responses from industry members were received and many more emails, phone calls and conversations provided comment, suggestions, links to other studies, reports and programs.

Executive Summary
Initiative 1 - Practices
Priority 1 – Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Best Practice
Priority 2 – Building Log Book and System Documentation Standards
Priority 3 – Promotion and Market Information, Finding Shared Incentives
Initiative 2 - Systems
Priority 1 - Monitoring and Metering – Climate Control Energy Ratings
Priority 2 – Innovation and Technology
Initiative 3 - People
Priority 1 – Training System Operators and Practitioners
Priority 2 – Graduate Engineer Cadetships and Climate Control Apprenticeships
Priority 3 – Training Materials and Qualifications

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