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Microsoft Windows 7 Administration Instant Reference

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This book was written with over 20 years of IT experience. The author has taken that experience and translated it into a Windows 7 book that will help you develop a clear understanding of how to install and configure Windows 7 while avoiding the possible configuration pitfalls.

Many Microsoft books just explain the Windows operating system, but with this Administrative Instant Reference, the author takes it a step further, with many in-depth, step-by-step procedures together with the explanations of how the operating system performs at its best.

Microsoft Windows 7 is the newest version of Microsoft’s client operating system software. Microsoft has taken the best of Windows XP and Windows Vista and combined them into their latest creation, Windows 7. Along with the best of Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft has added several new features to Windows 7 to make the more functionality available the users from one location such as Device Stage.

Windows 7 eliminates many of the problems that plagued Windows Vista, and includes a much faster boot time and shutdown. It is also easier to install and configure, and barely stops to ask the user any questions during installation. I will show you what features are installed during the automated installation and where you can make changes if you need to be more in charge of your operating system and its features.

This book takes you through all the ins and outs of Windows 7, including installation, configuration, Group Policy Objects, auditing, backups, Windows Server 2008, and so much more.

PART I: Installation
Chapter 1: Installing Windows 7
Chapter 2: Automating a Windows 7 Installation
Chapter 3: Configuring Disks
PART II: Configuration
Chapter 4: Managing the Desktop
Chapter 5: Managing the Interface
Chapter 6: Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance
PART III: Users and Security
Chapter 7: Configuring Users and Groups
Chapter 8: Managing Security
PART IV: Hardware and Networking
Chapter 9: Configuring Hardware and Printing
Chapter 10: Configuring Network Connectivity
PART V: Applications
Chapter 11: Configuring Internet Explorer 8
Chapter 12: Installing and Configuring Applications
PART VI: Recovery
Chapter 13: Maintaining and Optimizing Windows 7

Author Details
"William Panek"

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