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PAT: Portable Appliance Testing (2nd Edition)

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The introduction of The Electricity at Work Regulations (EAWR) 1989 prompted, among many other things, a rush to inspect and test portable appliances. The Regulations do not require such inspecting and testing, nor do they specifically mention portable appliances. They do, however, require any electrical system to be constructed, maintained and used in such a manner as to prevent danger, and in consequence inspection and testing of systems (portable appliances are systems) is needed in order to determine if maintenance is required.

All electrical equipment connected to the fixed wiring of an installation will need attention, not just portable appliances. I have however left the title of this book as PAT: Portable Appliance Testing as such words are now indelibly imprinted on our minds, even though it should read ‘Inspection and Testing of In-service Electrical Equipment’.

The book is intended for those who need be involved in this inspection and testing process, either as a business venture or as an ‘in-house’ procedure to conform with the EAWR. It is also a useful reference document for anyone embarking on a City & Guilds 2377 course.

CHAPTER 1: Legislation
CHAPTER 2: Setting Up
CHAPTER 3: Equipment to be Inspected and Tested
CHAPTER 4: Inspection
CHAPTER 5: Combined Inspection and Testing
APPENDIX 1. Shock Risk
APPENDIX 2. Basic Electrical Theory Revision
APPENDIX 3. Sample 2377 Questions
APPENDIX 4. Answers to Sample 2377 Questions

Author Details
"Brian Scaddan", IEng, MIET

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