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Personal Cybersecurity: How to Avoid and Recover from Cybercrime

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The book is divided into three sections. The first section explains how computing has developed, how cybercrime has become a serious problem, and the extent of its severity. The second section examines what government and industry have done to respond. The third section relies heavily on the previous two sections and focuses on what you can do to protect yourself and what to do when you become a victim. Throughout, I have tried to maintain focus on what is wrong, why it is wrong, and how the response works so that a user can apply the advice to any computer they work with.

If I have succeeded in my goal, the users who read this book will be informed, not quite so nervous, and prepared to avoid or actively resist the security issues that plague them. This book will not eliminate user questions to IT professionals, nor will it eliminate the need for operating system and product security documentation. In a world where substantial updates are automatically applied every month, a book like this would not be useful for long if it was only a snapshot of cybersecurity at one moment in time.

Readers may be tempted to skip to the last two chapters. If you are under attack and feel the need to take immediate action, do skip ahead. But then go back and read the preceding chapters. You will find that the recommendations in the final chapters will make more sense, are easier to accept, and can be applied more effectively after you have the background the earlier chapters provide.

About the Author
Chapter 1: What’s Biting Us
Chapter 2: Why Is Computer Security So Weak?
Chapter 3: How Does Computer Security Work?
Chapter 4: Your Computer Is a Target
Chapter 5: Misuse of Computers
Chapter 6: Cloud Threats
Chapter 7: Why Doesn’t Somebody Stop It?
Chapter 8: What Has the Industry Done?
Chapter 9: Personal Defense
Chapter 10: Disaster Recovery

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"Marvin Waschke"

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