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Pocket Book of Electrical Engineering Formulas (Free PDF)

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The purpose of this book is to serve the reference needs of electrical engineers. The material has been compiled so that it may serve the needs of students and professionals who wish to have a ready reference to formulas, equations, methods, concepts, and their mathematical formulation.

The contents and size make it especially convenient and portable. The widespread availability and low price of scientiflc calculators have greatly reduced the need for many numerical tables. Accordingly, this book contains the informaton required by electrical engineers. Sections 1 through 13 cover the key mathematical concepts and formulas used by most electrical engineers. Sections 14 through 31 cover the wide range of subjects normally included as the basics of electrical engineering.

The size of the book is comparable to that of many calculators and it is really very much a companion to the calculator and the computer as a source of information for writing one’s own programs. To facilitate such use, the authors and the publisher have worked together to make the format attractive and clear.

1. Elementary Algebra and Geometry
2. Determinants, Matrices, and Linear Systems of Equations
3. Trigonometry
4. Analytic Geometry
5. SerĂ­es
6. Differential Calculus
7. Integral Calculus
8. Vector Analysis
9. Special Functions
10. Differential Equations
11. Statistics
12. Table of Derivatives
13. Table of Integrals
14. Resistor Circuits
15. Circuits with Energy Storage Elements
16. AC Circuits
17. T and II and Two-Port Networks
18. Operational Amplifier Circuits
19. Electric Signals
20. Feedback Systems
21. Frequency Response
22. System Response
23. Fourier Series
24. Fourier Transform
25. Paresval’s Theorem
26. Static Electric Fields
27. Static Magnetic Fields
28. Maxwell’s Equations
29. Semiconductors
30. Digital Logic
31. Communication Systems

Author Details
"Richard C. Dorf"

"Ronald J. Tallarida"

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