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Power Converter Circuits (Free PDF)

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This book is intended for use in junior and senior level undergraduate courses in power electronics. Classical analysis is used throughout. The coverage is concerned exclusively with power electronic circuits. No coverage is given to the physics and the fabrication of power electronic switches, nor to the detailed design of power electronic circuit protection and ancillary components.

Rectifier circuits are treated in a far more comprehensive and detailed manner than is customary in contemporary texts. Chapter 14 is devoted to matrix converters, which usually receive scant attention. Chapter 13 is devoted to envelope cycloconverters, which usually receive no attention at all. Features of the text include the large number of worked numerical examples and the very large number of end of chapter problems, with answers.

The material contained in this book has been used for classroom and examination purposes at the University of Leeds, England; the University of Bradford, England; and Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. The authors are grateful for the permissions to reproduce the relevant material.

Some short sections of this book are reproduced from earlier work by one of the authors. The writers are grateful to Cambridge University Press, England, for permission to reproduce this previously published work.

The typing of the manuscript, with its many iterations, was done by Janelle Baney, Suzanne Vazzano, Erin Dill, Juan Echeverry, and Brad Lafferty of the Schools of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Ohio University. We are deeply grateful for their contributions.

Part 1: AC to DC Converters (Rectifiers)
1. Switching and Semiconductor Switches
2. Single-Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier Circuits
3. Single-Phase Controlled Rectifier Circuits
4. Three-Phase, Half-Wave, Uncontrolled (Diode) Bridge Rectifier Circuits
5. Three-Phase Half-Wave Controlled Bridge Rectifier Circuits
6. Three-Phase Full-Wave Uncontrolled Bridge Rectifier Circuits
7. Three-Phase Full-Wave Controlled Bridge Rectifier Circuits with Passive Load Impedance
8. Rectifier Power Factor and Pulse-Width Modulation Controlled Rectifier Circuits
Part 2: DC to AC Converters (Inverters)
9. Three-Phase, Naturally Commutated, Controlled Bridge Rectifier–Inverter
10. Three-Phase Step-Wave Inverter Circuits
11. Three-Phase, Pulse-Width Modulation, Controlled Inverter Circuits
Part 3: AC to AC Converters
12. Phase-Controlled Cycloconverters
13. Envelope Cycloconverters
14. Matrix Converters
Part 4: DC to DC Converters
15. DC–DC Circuits Converter
16. Switch-Mode Converter Power Supplies
Appendix: General Expressions for Fourier Series
Answers to Problems

Author Details
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.

University of Leeds
Leeds, England

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