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Practical Linux Topics (Free PDF)

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Almost all of the world’s supercomputers and even the International Space Station use a powerful, efficient operating system called Linux. In addition, the vast majority of smart phones and embedded devices on the planet, such as broadband routers and boxes connected to televisions, use Linux. This book examines a number of diverse, server-related subjects that you can learn and then reference again later.

A common misconception is that specializing in a single systems area is sufficient, but in my experience every technical role demands a different set of skills because each organization uses a unique combination of software. The aim of this book is to explore many different subjects and present them in such a way that technical people from all walks of life, whether they be sysadmins, developers, or devops engineers, will benefit.

Ultimately, however, this book is a celebration of the combined efforts of the community spiritedpeople who give us Linux which, whether we realize it or not, almost all of us use in one way or another on a daily basis.

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Chapter 1: RealTime Network Statistics with Iftop
Chapter 2: Destroying Sensitive Data
Chapter 3: Supercharged systemd
Chapter 4: Zero Downtime Linux
Chapter 5: Get More with Wget
Chapter 6: SECURING SSH with PAM
Chapter 7: Your Disks, Your Way
Chapter 8: No sFTP Doesn’t Mean No Encryption
Chapter 9: Making the Most of the Screen Utility
Chapter 10: Improve Security with SELinux
Chapter 11: Nattier Networks
Chapter 12: Keeping Information Private with GPG
Chapter 13: Get Permission from Your Peers with Sudo
Chapter 14: Loop Disks and Wubi
Appendix A: Hack, Break, Fix

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"Chris Binnie" is a technical consultant who has worked online with Linux systems for almost two decades. During his travels he has deployed many servers in the Cloud and on banking and government server estates.

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