Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Robotium Automated Testing for Android (Free PDF)

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Automation testing on mobile devices has been around for a number of years, although it has really taken off with the advent of the Robotium Framework.

With the help of automating test cases, business components are extensively reused and help to execute complex test cases. Due to a number of different key features added to the Robotium Framework, it has been the world's leading Android test automation framework and most industry experts and professionals are using this framework for testing their Android business applications.

The main aim to bring this book into the market is to provide users with detailed knowledge of the Robotium Framework and its features. After reading it, you should be good to go and create the automated test cases and run them for your Android project!

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Robotium
Chapter 2: Creating a Test Project Using Robotium
Chapter 3: Robotium APIs
Chapter 4: Web Support in Robotium
Chapter 5: Comparison with Other Frameworks
Chapter 6: Remote Control in Robotium
Chapter 7: Other Robotium Utilities
Chapter 8: Robotium with Maven

Author Details
"Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar" is a Software Developer by profession. He is currently working at Persistent Systems Limited, Nagpur, in the Telecommunication Business Unit. He studied engineering and was a Microsoft Student Partner and IBM Campus Ambassador in his college. He has been actively working on distinct domains such as .NET, Android, and the Robotium Framework.

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