Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Security Planning: An Applied Approach (Free PDF)

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This book is useful in security planning. The best design will eventually involve both business and IT/security people. This text was written for people who are not computer experts, including business managers or owners with no previous IT background—or overworked IT people (or students) who are looking for a shortcut in understanding and designing security. The text has examples to help you understand each required step within the workbook.

The associated Security Workbook has been designed to guide security neophytes through the security planning process. You may edit this Microsoft Word version of the Security Workbook for your own organization’s use.

Part I: The Problem of Security
1. Security Awareness: Brave New World
2. Combatting Fraud
3. Complying with Security Regulation and Standards
Part II: Strategic Security Planning
4. Managing Risk
5. Addressing Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity
6. Governing: Policy, Maturity Models and Planning
Part III: Tactical Security Planning
7. Designing Information Security
8. Planning for Network Security
9. Designing Physical Security
10. Organizing Personnel Security
11. Planning for Incident Response
Part IV: Measure, Test and Audit
12. Defining Security Metrics
13. Performing an Audit or Security Test
14. Complying with HIPAA and HITECH
15. Developing Secure Software

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"Susan Lincke"

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