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Spring Security 3 (Free PDF)

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The book is largely divided into two halves. The first half (Chapters 1-7) covers Spring Security as part of a web application from start to finish—very basic initial setup, all the way to advanced access control list security. The second half (Chapters 8-12) covers Spring Security as part of a larger software ecosystem, illustrating integration with common external systems such as OpenID, Microsoft Active Directory, and LDAP. The final chapter covers migration issues when moving from Spring Security 2 to Spring Security 3.

The book uses a simple Spring Web MVC based application to illustrate the concepts presented in the book. The application is intended to be very simple and straightforward, and purposely contains very little functionality—the goal of this application is to encourage you to focus on the Spring Security concepts, and not get tied up in the complexities of application development. You will have a much easier time following the book if you take the time to review the sample application source code, and try to follow along with the exercises. Some tips on getting started are in Chapter 1, Anatomy of an Unsafe Application and Appendix, Additional Reference Material.

Chapter 1: Anatomy of an Unsafe Application
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Spring Security
Chapter 3: Enhancing the User Experience
Chapter 4: Securing Credential Storage
Chapter 5: Fine-Grained Access Control
Chapter 6: Advanced Configuration and Extension
Chapter 7: Access Control Lists
Chapter 8: Opening up to OpenID
Chapter 9: LDAP Directory Services
Chapter 10: Single Sign On with Central Authentication Service
Chapter 11: Client Certificate Authentication
Chapter 12: Spring Security Extensions
Chapter 13: Migration to Spring Security 3
Appendix: Additional Reference Material

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"Peter Mularien" is currently a senior developer and architect at a mid-sized enterprise software vendor. He has worked in web-based application development and has been a consultant on a wide range of technologies, offering his services to well-known as well as not so known companies, for over ten years.

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