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Steam Turbines for Modern Fossil-Fuel Power Plants

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This book is a continuation of my previous two-volume work Large Power Steam Turbines: Design & Operation (PennWell, 1997). Those volumes were conceived as an exposition of steam-turbomachinery fundamentals as they were seen by the end of the 20th century. This new book to a degree rests on its contents, not repeating previous information as far as possible without sacrifice of comprehension. The afore-mentioned work was also supplemented by another book, Wet-Steam Turbines for Nuclear Power Plants; PennWell, 2005. The present book considers the newest approaches of the latest decade in design, operation, and refurbishment of steam turbines for fossil-fuel power plants and is designed to be a final part of this trilogy.

Part I: Main Steam Parameters, Operating Performances, and Design Features of Modern Steam Turbines for Fossil-Fuel Power Plants Worldwide
Chapter 1: Steam Turbines in the Modern World
Chapter 2: Rise of Steam Turbine Output and Efficiency with Steam Parameters
Chapter 3: Configuration of Modern Power Steam Turbines
Chapter 4: Design of Steam Path, Blading, Gland Seals, and Valves
Chapter 5: Last Stage Blades and Exhaust Hoods of LP cylinders
Chapter 6: Thermal Expansion, Bearings, and Lubrication
Part II: Steam Turbine Transients and Cycling Operation
Chapter 7: Operating Conditions and Start-up Systems for Steam-Turbine Power Units
Chapter 8: Experimental and Calculation Researches of Turbine Transients
Chapter 9: Start-up Technologies as Applied to Different Start-up Systems
Chapter 10: Start-up Instructions for Steam-Turbine Power Units and Their Improvement
Chapter 11: Scheduled and Unscheduled Load Changes within and beyond the Governed Range
Chapter 12: Cycling Operation and Its Influence on Turbine Performances
Part III: Diagnostic Monitoring and Informative Support for Turbine Operators
Chapter 13: Automated Data Acquisition and Control Systems for Modern Power Plants
Chapter 14: Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Heat-Rate and Flow-Capacity Performances
Chapter 15: Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Temperature and Thermal-Stress States
Chapter 16: Post-Operative Analysis of the Turbine’s Operating Conditions
Part IV: Lifetime Extension for Aging Steam Turbines and Their Refurbishment
Chapter 17: Assessment and Extension of Steam Turbine Lifetime
Chapter 18: Steam Turbine Upgrade

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"Alexander S. Leyzerovich"

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