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Technical Information Handbook Wire and Cable (5th Edition)

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The Anixter Wire and Cable Technical Handbook is an easily accessible collection of engineering and technical information about electrical and electronic cable and their related products. Primarily intended for individuals who design, specify or troubleshoot wire and cable systems, the Anixter Wire and Cable Technical Information Handbook contains information about topics such as:

• Basic principles of electricity
• Conductor, insulation and jacket materials along with their electrical and mechanical properties
• Cable types, selection criteria and application guidelines for electrical and optical wire and cable
• Installation and testing guidelines and recommendations
• Application tips for cable accessories such as connectors, lugs and terminations
• Packaging, handling and shipping guidelines
• References to hundreds of key domestic and international wire and cable standards
• Conversion tables (e.g., AWG to mm2) and basic engineering equations used in the industry

The information contained in this handbook will assist engineers and individuals in designing and constructing safe, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible electrical and communications networks.

Trademarks and Reference Information
About Anixter
1. Basic Principles of Electricity
2. Conductors
3. Insulation and Jacket Materials
4. Shields
5. Armor
6. Cable Types and Selection Criteria
7. Electrical Characteristics
8. Installation and Testing
9. Cable Accessories
10. Packaging of Wire and Cable
11. Industry Standards
12. Continental Europe
13. United Kingdom
14. Latin and South America
15. Canada
16. Asia Pacific
17. Conversion Tables
18. Formulas and Constants

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